Ideas on Making Creative Wedding Photos

Weddings are cherished so much in the present society. Very lady or man would want to have their wedding as fun and memorable as possible since it is financially costly to do a wedding. As a photographer, it is your role to ensure that you use the best of your skills to come up with the best photos which are creative. To achieve this, consider the following:


  1. Mirror and water reflection

Make the bridal team and the groom to pose for the photo next to either a mirror or some clear water. When you take a photo in such an environment, you will realize the photo will come out with the images in twos. This is creative and the photos become attractive. Anyone who goes through your business photo album and finds such photos will probably hire you to take him or her photos too. They look smart and natural and also qualify the lenses of your camera.


  1. Make Aerial shots


This is an amazing idea. You can move to the top of a nearby building and take a photo from that angle. Such photos are normally smart as it covers a wide area of view. Nothing can be hidden in such a photo. Alternatively, you can make the team you are taking photos of to lay on the ground either facing the sky or even on their stomach. You then have to take them the photo from above. When you do this, you can be sure that the images will come out nicely since no one can pose in such a way and fail to offer you a smile. It comes naturally. This makes the whole scene attractive.


  1. Provoke the groom’s to love for the bride


Weddings are all about the sharing of love. You need to make your photos to come out with an impression that ideally the two who are wedding loved each other. To achieve this, you can ask the groom why he chooses to marry the lady and not any other. Allow him to explain this in action. You will see the groom either holding the bride, kissing or carrying her to show their love. At this point, be ready to take several photos of the scene. The results will be such an amazing encounter that will make you love your photography job.


  1. Make use of the roads


Lastly, you can try to make the bridal team move to the road in case one is available. Poses made on the roads normally come out perfectly. They give a natural impression. For instance, you can let the bride and the groom walk towards you on the road as you make several shots. As you do this, ensure that you cover the natural environment around the road. If you do this, you will realize that the photos will carry some level of memory of the actual wedding even after years




If someone trusts you with an important event such as a wedding, do not disappoint such a person. He or she is paying you to do the job to help him or her create a memory for the event. Just use the above ideas and you will never lose a client.